The American Traffic Academy, Inc.® was created to meet the urgent demand to teach life saving car control skills to motorist of all ages with emphasis on reaching new and young drivers 16-25 years old.

For years, typical “traffic schools” and “Driver’s Ed” courses haven’t worked because:

· They do NOTHING to teach students ANY actual car control skills and ultimately,
they FAIL to make any sort of meaningful impact on driver’s future behavior.

High performance driving schools cost too much and provide no access to the masses.

The American Traffic Academy is owned and operated by two veterans of the road racing and high performance driving school industry, Robert Prevost, Founder & CEO and Richard Zimmermann, Founder & President. Together they draw on their 35 years of professional teaching experience to offer the most affordable and effective Advanced Interactive Driver Education® clinics in North America.

All our instructors are experienced car control specialists and excellent all around drivers.

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